Car repairs, diagnostics, modifications and much more

Car maintenance

Whether to change the oil, spark plugs or other things, Garage Van Herck ensures the best service in maintenance of your Mazda MX-5. It is very important that you strictly follow the maintenance schedule. You will be rewarded by an excellent condition of your car.


Repairing of your car

Is there something wrong with your car? Does something not work as it should? Come to us. Our experienced technicians find out where the problem is and provide a reliable and professional solution. The best way for you to enjoy your car again without any worries. For any repairs we use only genuine Mazda parts.


Error messages

Our mechanics are equipped with the best electronic diagnostic devices to trace the defects of your Mazda MX-5. Fast and professionally. Check-up technical inspection (MOT) In case you need to pass through the MOT, let us know. You can benefit from the knowledge of our technician who will carry out a series of visual and mechanical inspections. If necessary, our technicians can fix found problems to your satisfaction.